The MSI PS63 Latest Review

MSI is creating an impression with the PS63 Modern ($1,499 beginning, explored at $1,599), a thin, lightweight 15.6-inch workstation intended for makers. With an incredible Core i7 CPU and discrete Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti designs, the PS63 Modern attacks a focused domain overwhelmed by any semblance of the Dell XPS 15 and Apple MacBook Pro.

MSI propelled the PS63 Modern with a heavenly advertising message: 16 x 16 x 16 - those numbers speak to the size (16 millimeters), weight (1.6 kilograms) and battery life (16 hours) of the PS63 Modern. Sadly, the PC doesn't satisfy the guaranteed runtime and its showcase is diminish. In any case, the PS63 Modern is an extremely decent PC in the event that you need a convenient, exquisite machine with a committed GPU.

MSI PS63 Modern Price and Configurations

MSI sells the PS63 Modern in two arrangements. The base model (running Windows 10 Pro) costs $1,499 and accompanies a Core i7-8565U CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB NVMe SSD and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU (Max-Q) with 4GB of RAM.

Our $1,599 audit unit (running Windows 10 Home) is indistinguishable, aside from it flaunts a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 4GB of RAM and a 512GB M.2 SATA SSD. The PS63 Modern has two M.2 openings for expandable capacity and an additional RAM space for moving up to 32GB.

You can buy the PS63 Modern Amazon and B&H Photo Video.


The PS63 Modern is a polished PC with a one of a kind stylish. My eyes were promptly attracted to the PS63 Modern's blue/purple trim, which sparkles under certain lighting, as though the PC had been removed of sapphire. At first look, the sparkling trim looked like portions of light, however a closer examination uncovered periwinkle, jewel cut edges.

The PS63's pale edge supplements the energetic enhancements, turning what could have resembled a kid racer vehicle into a rich PC that fits into an office setting or a craftsmanship studio. An inconspicuous Prestige logo is embellished on the PC's aluminum deck, and a focal power catch lives over the console. Dark MSI marking is scarcely obvious on the PS63 Modern's supernarrow show bezels.

The MSI Dragon logo is shrewdly hidden in matte dark on the note pad's dull dim top. Whatever remains of the case has the equivalent sandblasted slate wrap up, this thin machine a stealthy appearance. The shading helps me to remember the outside of a shooting star, which is suitable considering the PS63 Modern was created in a joint effort with the Discovery Channel to commend the 50th commemoration of the Moon arrival. In general, the PS63 Modern is a refined, fastened takeoff from the reckless, forceful stylish of MSI's gaming workstations.

I do have a couple of issue with the structure. While the PS63 Modern breezed through numerous MIL-STD-810G tests, its plastic pivot disturbs a generally premium undercarriage. Likewise, the PS63 Modern's aluminum top is a unique mark magnet.

My eyes were quickly attracted to the PS63 Modern's blue/purple trim, which sparkles under certain lighting as though the PC had been removed of sapphire.

The PS63 Modern is slimmer and lighter than its 15.6-inch rivals. At 14 x 9.2 x 0.6 inches and 3.6 pounds, the Modern is more convenient than the Dell XPS 15 (14.1 x 9.3 x 0.7 inches, 4.2 pounds) and the Asus ZenBook Pro 15 (14.4 x 9.9 x 0.7 inches, 4.2 pounds). Obviously, the 13.9-inch Huawei MateBook X Pro (12 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches, 2.9 pounds) has a littler impression than the PS63 Modern.

Supplementing the PC's versatile skeleton is a minimal power connector that fits into even my knapsack's littlest compartment.


The PS63 Modern offers pretty much every port you could request in a thin PC. That incorporates a USB 3.1 (Type-A) port, USB Type-C, a HDMI and an earphone/mic jack, all on the left half of the machine.

The correct side houses two extra USB 3.1 ports and a microSD card peruser.

That is a liberal cluster of associations, however shockingly, the PS63 comes up short on a Thunderbolt 3 port for superfast exchange speeds and interfacing with a Thunderbolt dock or eGPU.


The MSI PS63 Modern's 15.6-inch, 1080p presentation is point by point and distinctive, however the board neglects to sparkle, both actually and metaphorically.

When I utilized the PS63 to watch a trailer for the up and coming parody film The Beach Bum, Matthew McConaughey's grandiose Hawaiian shirt burst with an odd collection of confused hues. The nitty gritty presentation uncovered astounding examples in the insidious hero's worn out apparel as he lay oblivious with a container of lager at his head. I simply wish the presentation were more splendid with the goal that those striking hues flew off the screen.

The MSI PS63 Modern's 15.6-inch, 1080p showcase is definite and striking, yet the board neglects to sparkle, both actually and metaphorically.

Fit for covering 136 percent of the sRGB shading range, the PS63 Modern shows punchy, lively tints. Not exclusively is the showcase more brilliant than the normal premium workstation (117 percent), however it additionally best the FHD XPS 15 (115 percent) and the MateBook X Pro (124 percent), and it approaches the supervivid 4K board on the ZenBook Pro 15 (141 percent).

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Be that as it may, those clear tones are decreased by the PS63 Modern's extremely diminish show, which achieved just 228 nits of pinnacle splendor on our lab test. That is an entire 100 nits beneath the top notch PC normal (328 nits) and dimmer than the showcases on the XPS 15 (447 nits), MateBook X Pro (458 nits) and ZenBook Pro 15 (330 nits).

We connected with MSI and made them mindful of the PS63 Modern's poor presentation splendor. We will refresh this survey on the off chance that they give an answer.

Console and Touchpad

The PS63's console offers a shockingly open to composing background in spite of its shallow and level keys. With 67 grams of activation constrain, the white, illuminated keys defeat their low 1.2 millimeters of movement (beneath our 1.5mm inclination). The substantial keys are additionally clicky and have recently enough weight to give material input without feeling solid.

MSI moved a portion of the alternate route directions from the best column to the bolt keys. After some modifying, I thought that it was less demanding to get to volume and show splendor controls on the PS63 Modern than on different PCs.

I composed at 117 words for each moment with an exactness rate of 96 percent on the composing test, which is more precise yet a touch slower than my regular midpoints (119 wpm, 95 percent exactness).

The extended, 5.5 x 2.5-inch touchpad on the PS63 Modern looks incredible with its blue-cut edges, and the surface reacted quickly and precisely to my swipes and motions, including squeeze to-zoom and a three-finger swipe to switch applications.


The double, base terminating speakers on the facade of the PS63 are sufficiently noisy to fill a medium-measure stay with splendid, clear sound. There was an airiness to Ben Howard's live acoustic track "Void Corridors" that gave the high frequencies space to move around. The speakers were detailed to the point that I could hear the roughness in the English artist's voice.

Despite the fact that I didn't hear a huge amount of bass in Kanye's alleviating tune "Road Lights," the hip-bounce track pounded alongside a precise, though light crash. Complex melodies, particularly shake music, sounded clogged at lower levels, so you're in an ideal situation keeping the volume at around 75 percent.

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You can utilize the included Nahimic programming to change bass, treble and voice frequencies. The default settings were to my preferring, yet raising the treble and bass a couple of decibels improved the clearness and body of specific melodies.


While this smooth machine doesn't utilize the amazing H-arrangement CPUs found in other premium 15-inch workstations, the PS63 Modern's Intel Core i7-8565U CPU and 16GB of RAM had no issues stacking 20 Google Chrome tabs, a few of which were playing 1080p Twitch and YouTube recordings. I didn't see any execution hiccups, notwithstanding when I tuned in to tunes on YouTube Music and gushed post-Super Bowl investigation on ESPN's online spilling webpage.

With a score of 12,623 on the Geekbench 4.1 in general execution benchmark, the PS63 Modern couldn't stay aware of the MateBook X Pro (Core i7-8550U; 13,769) or the excellent class normal (13,103). Equipped with H-arrangement CPUs, the XPS 15 (Core i7-8750H; 21,201) and ZenBook Pro 15 (Core i9-8950HK, 21,691) beat the PS63 Modern by an even more extensive edge.

The PS63 Modern bounced back to some degree on our Excel Macro Test, coordinating 65,000 names with their relating addresses in 1 moment and 25 seconds. That time tops both the MateBook X Pro (1:49) and the classification normal (1:31), yet the ZenBook Pro 15 (0:40) and XPS 15 (0:44) were speedier to the end goal.

In our hard drive test, the PS63 Modern's 512GB M.2 SATA SSD sped past the challenge by copying 4.97GB of blended media documents in only 12 seconds for a rate of 424.1 megabytes every second. That coordinates the pace of the ZenBook Pro 15 (512GB NVMe, PCIe SSD, 424.1MBps) and tops both the Huawei MateBook X Pro (512GB NVMe, PCIe SSD, 282.7MBps) and XPS 15 (512GB NVMe, PCIe SSD, 391MBps). The classification normal is a rankling 525.3 MBps.

It took the PS63 Modern 19 minutes and 4 seconds to change over a 4K video into 1080p utilizing the HandBrake video-transcoder application. That puts this MSI amidst the pack, in front of the Huawei MateBook X Pro's time (27:18) and the top notch normal (21:45) yet behind the outcomes from the ZenBook Pro 15 (10:53) and XPS 15 (10:12).
Gaming and Graphics

The PS63 Modern wasn't made for gaming, yet in any case, it remains consistent with its MSI roots. The workstation's entrance level Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti (Max-Q) GPU, with 4GB of VRAM, can run most present day titles at low to medium settings, yet your mileage will shift from diversion to amusement.

For instance, the PC kept up a smooth 60 outlines for every second on the Hitman benchmark (1920 x 1080p on Ultra), however it couldn't achieve our 30-fps limit when we ran Rise of the Tomb Raider (24 fps) on the Very High setting at 1920 x 1080 goals.

The PS63 Modern outflanked the XPS 15 (GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 60 fps) and ZenBook Pro 15 (GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 60 fps) on the Hitman test and beat its Dell (22 fps) and Asus (21 fps) contenders on the Tomb Raider benchmark.

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At 30 fps, Grand Theft Auto V (1920 x 1080 on Very High) is only playable on the PS63 Modern, which can't be said about the XPS 15 (27 fps). The ZenBook Pro 15 (31 fps) showed improvement over the MSI, however it couldn't get the excellent workstation normal (39 fps).

When you aren't gaming, the PS63 Modern uses its incorporated Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU.

Battery Life

The PS63 Modern's battery life is shorter than anticipated. The workstation endured 8 hours and 37 minutes on our Laptop Mag Battery Test (nonstop web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits), which is around half of what MSI guarantees. That is not a horrible outcome (the MSI's time even tops the 8:32 premium workstation normal), yet buyers may locate MSI's publicized runtime deluding.

By correlation, the Dell XPS 15 (1080p showcase, 11:53) and Huawei MateBook X Pro (9:55) most recent a few hours longer on a charge. The ZenBook Pro 15 shut down after only 6 hours of utilization, however it packs a battery-depleting 4K show.


The PS63 Modern's aluminum frame remained underneath our 95-degree Fahrenheit solace edge after we played a 15-minute video in full screen. The most sizzling territory on the PC, close to the pivot, warmed to 91 degrees, while the touchpad (81 degrees) and the focal point of the console (87 degrees) were much cooler.


The little, 720p webcam MSI crushed onto the PS63 Modern's best showcase bezel has great shading generation, however the image it catches is fluffy and messy. In a selfie I shot, the subtleties in my face were smeared to the point that my facial hair resembled a muddled mass.

On a positive note, the camera precisely depicted the red tone of my lips and the inconspicuous warm tone of my skin, in spite of the fact that the webcam neglected to legitimately uncover the brilliant lights behind me.

Programming and Warranty

MSI stacked the PS63 Modern with some supportive projects that you can tinker with to improve execution and access vital data.

The feature is Creator Center, which is worked to upgrade the PS63 Modern's execution. To accomplish this objective, the program perceives when you're utilizing a certain application, similar to Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro, and alters the settings to improve your involvement with that program.

The Creator Center additionally gives you a chance to screen CPU, GPU, RAM and circle use, and there are fast access settings for changing the sound profile, touchpad DPIs and show shading modes. On another tab, you can get to item enrollment and the client manual. MSI likewise incorporated a Help Desk application, a different (repetitive) application for evolving show shading modes and a program for staying up with the latest.

Balancing a fairly comprehensive suite of projects is a Nvidia application with GPU settings and a couple of makers applications by CyberLink called PhotoDirector 8 for MSI and PowerDirector for MSI.

Lamentably, the PS63 Modern is swarmed with Windows 10 Home bloatware. Cooking Fever, Microsoft Jigsaw and various Candy Crush titles are only a couple of the easygoing amusements you'll discover pre-introduced on the PS63 Modern. Different applications incorporate Phototastic Collage, Evernote and Fitbit Coach.

The PS63 Modern accompanies a one-year constrained guarantee. Perceive how MSI performed on our Tech Support Showdown and Best and Worst Brands rankings.

Primary concern

There's a great deal I like about this remarkable workstation, including its versatile case, solid execution and smart console. In any case, the PS63 Modern misses the mark concerning its exceptional rivals. My greatest grievances with the machine are that its 15.6-inch show is grievously diminish, and this present reality battery life, while better than average, is shorter than that of the Modern's adversaries.

In case you're in the market for a 15-inch workstation, think about the XPS 15, which offers preferable execution over the PS63 Modern and keeps going almost 12 hours on a charge. The PS63 Modern doesn't have a nose cam, and it's littler and lighter than the XPS 15, yet the Dell is as yet a superior generally PC.

On the other hand, you could venture down to a 13.9-inch show and run with the MateBook X Pro. In spite of the fact that that machine's MX150 GPU isn't extraordinary for gaming, it has a more brilliant presentation than the PS63 Modern and it keeps going impressively longer on a charge without relinquishing execution.

Generally, the PS63 Modern is a phenomenal 15.6-inch PC that offers discrete designs in a thin undercarriage, yet its diminish show is a setback.

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