The Mazda MX-5 RF 2019 Specs

Many trust the greatest drawback to owning a games vehicle is its difficulty, and keeping in mind that that is for sure a factor, it doesn't contrast and the devastating truth of legitimate cutoff points. Except if you always challenge neighborhood laws, there simply isn't an approach to take advantage of a games vehicle's execution to a fantastic degree. That is, at any rate, the case for the majority of these vehicles.
2019 Mazda MX 5 RF

The Mazda MX-5 Miata plays the amusement an alternate way. Rather than rounding out a spec sheet with courageous numbers, the somewhat little two-entryway brings the rush of heading to saner rates. For a long time, the Japanese automaker has assembled its roadster with a similar essential standards: lightweight structure, back drive elements, and adequate input. To distil everything into two words, the MX-5 offers available execution.

Such car immaculateness has reverberated with over a million clients, and it has hoisted the MX-5 to a position of sway among aficionados. All things considered, the vehicle isn't flawless. In particular, faultfinders refer to the MX-5's small power contrasted with also evaluated adversaries. Mazda, consistent with structure, has constantly disregarded protests, however for the 2019 model year, a concession has finally been made.

A knock in yield and a reconsidered powerband guarantees to upgrade the games vehicle's as of now engaging character while keeping up its openness. Our trial of the hardtop RF demonstrate in Grand Touring, GT-S trim ($34,980) measures the MX-5's mix of accommodation, style, and taking care of in the midst of a lot of savagely aggressive adversaries.

2019 mazda mx 5 rf survey fullwide

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The fourth era (ND) MX-5 is by a long shot the most great looking, with an amicable yet intentional position, well proportioned bodywork, and sharp light marks. RF (retractable fastback) renditions enhance the games vehicle's looks with a targa-style hard best that incorporates flawlessly with whatever is left of the outside. Changing over the power-collapsing rooftop takes under 15 seconds, however not at all like a few games vehicles, you can't do the switch while moving any quicker than a slither. Top up or down, the RF's sweptback supports are truly cool and draw a shockingly measure of consideration given the vehicle's value point.

Great visiting trims swap the standard dark 16-inch wheels for dim silver 17-inch units enveloped by 205-area summer tires. The restricted choice of paint hues is generally inconspicuous, put something aside for Mazda's recognized soul red precious stone – a profound yet amazing tint no other standard automaker can coordinate. Much obliged to a limited extent to short shades and decreasing bodywork, the MX-5 doesn't seem all that little all alone. Left beside basically some other vehicle, be that as it may, the roadster looks out and out modest.

2019 Mazda MX 5 RF

2019 Mazda MX 5 RF

2019 Mazda MX 5 RF

2019 Mazda MX 5 RF

The minute impression doesn't enhance when you slither inside the lodge, either. A thin comfort isolates driver and traveler, which means – much like economy air travel – somebody must yield the middle armrest. Rearward seatback explanation relies upon how far forward you can send the seat base, yet travelers should most likely guideline out agreeable rests on long excursions.

Top up or down, the RF's sweptback supports are genuinely cool and draw a shockingly measure of consideration.

How well taller drivers will fit isn't an issue of in general tallness, yet rather of leg and middle length. Those with long (yet not NBA-level) legs should locate an agreeable position because of the expansion of a tilt and extending guiding wheel for 2019. Tall middle people, in any case, may end up gazing at the rooftop's cross-part – even with the seat in its least setting. Payload limit is another worry, with only five cubic feet accessible in the restricted opening trunk. By and large, it's a standout amongst the least down to earth vehicles in its focused set.

When you've acknowledged the MX-5's comfortable burrows, you start to value the inside's structure and design. A two-layered dashboard with a slight driver introduction is squeezed as far towards the windshield as conceivable to give the impression of room. Knurled, brushed metal dials and air vent covers mix with complexity sewed calfskin covers for the hand brake and shifter boot. An extensive simple tachometer is flanked by a simple to-peruse speedometer and shading TFT show. The delicate, cowhide wrapped directing wheel is the ideal size and thickness. Body shading coordinating entryway trim adds a fly of shading to the dark inside.

Base model MX-5s accompany agreeable game seats enclosed by texture. Redesigned trims spread similar seats in cowhide. Clients that pick the Recaro/BBS/Brembo bundle get Recaro sport container seats with thicker side and base reinforces to keep travelers cozy while cornering forcefully. While there are some less expensive materials to be found at knee level, the MX-5's lodge is of suitable quality at the vehicle's motivation and cost.


Minimal about the 2019 Mazda MX-5 is front line (regardless it has a physical handbrake, for instance), yet upper trims offer simply enough tech to keep you out of the dull ages.

2019 Mazda MX 5 RF

2019 Mazda MX 5 RF

The Mazda Connect infotainment framework, perceptible by means of a 7.0-inch focus show, is ecstatically basic gratitude to a perfect menu and instinctive revolving controller on the middle support. Discovering anything you need inside the framework takes close to a couple of turns and presses of the dial, or swipes and taps on the touchscreen screen. Designs and responsiveness are behind contender infotainments, and the nonappearance of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (which are accessible on other Mazda vehicles, and on huge numbers of the MX-5's adversaries) is a bummer.

Accommodation treats on Grand Touring models are strong, including a Bose nine-speaker sound framework, downpour detecting wipers, warmed front seats, programmed atmosphere control, auto-diminishing mirrors, keyless section and start, route, Sirius XM radio, and a reinforcement camera (standard on each of the 2019 MX-5s). Accessible driver help advances incorporate vulnerable side observing, back cross-traffic alarms, path takeoff cautioning, and programmed crisis braking.


We've in every case simply acknowledged the Miata's diminutive power for its thrilling dealing with and featherweight fun. No more, in any case, in light of the fact that Mazda's motor changes for the 2019 model year at long last give the MX-5 the ideal measure of snort.

Each corner is a challenge, each apparatus change a delight, and each keep running up to redline a rush.

Enhancements of 26 strength and three pound-feet of torque don't seem like much, however when you're controlling only 2,450 pounds (subtract 113 pounds for ragtop adaptations), that additional snort means genuine oomph. Presently conveying 181 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque from an adjusted 2.0-liter four-barrel, the MX-5 is never again overpowered off the line and at thruway speeds. How that control is served is similarly essential: crest torque comes in lower than previously (presently at 4,000 rpm), crest control is offered a lot higher in the rev go (presently at 7,000 rpm), and you can wring out the drivetrain to another redline of 7,500 rpm.

For those that like to autocross their vehicles, these progressions mean you'll have the capacity to run short courses without leaving second rigging and longer courses without leaving third. For every other person, the refreshed MX-5 is essentially increasingly anxious and progressively skilled in an assortment of driving situations. Additionally new for 2019 is the GT-S bundle, which redesigns Grand Touring models with indistinguishable execution equipment from Club trim vehicles. Included is a constrained slip differential, front stun tower support, and game tuned suspension with Bilstein stuns.

2019 Mazda MX 5 RF

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The excellence of driving a MX-5 has dependably been its low-speed thrills, and keeping in mind that the 2019 model keeps on fulfilling on outings to the market or even while in transit to work, the spot of additional power makes it all the more remunerating on gully streets and long, clearing corners. Body roll is the ever-present sign of unmodified MX-5s, and however that remaining parts a quality of the revived rendition, it doesn't affect cornering trust in the smallest. Furthermore, on the off chance that you ever feel sick of the hanging movement, a pudgy of swap bars will do some incredible things.
When you've acknowledged the MX-5's comfortable burrows, you start to welcome the inside's structure and format.

Controlling and moving are a driver's commitment focuses, and the MX-5 shows improvement over pretty much some other vehicle with a five-figure cost. Light, direct, and with simply enough feel to tell you when understeer or oversteer is up and coming, the MX-5's controlling is flawlessly dialed. Having cured the transmission shortfalls of its 2016-2018 models, Mazda prepares the refreshed MX-5 with a fresh moving six-speed manual that is both simple to work and exact. Clients can likewise pick a six-speed programmed, yet we firmly energize capitalizing on the MX-5 by deciding on the stick.

Punch the throttle all you need – the MX-5 will even now return awesome mpg figures. In spite of the additional power, efficiency has really enhanced by one mpg on the roadway for manual-prepared autos (presently at 24 city, 34 interstate, and 29 consolidated mpg). The individuals who select the programmed improve, at 26 city, 35 interstate, and 30 consolidated.


Because of its wide intrigue and wide valuing space, the 2019 MX-5 welcomes a not insignificant rundown of contenders. On the low end, the Toyota 86 ($27,375) and Volkswagen GTI ($28,490) are the undeniable rivals, however as the alternatives list develops, the Camaro Turbo 1LE ($30,995) and Honda Civic Type-R ($36,620) come into view.


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Power isn't the MX-5's quality, yet its featherweight configuration factors into its execution. Notwithstanding a yield impediment to the Toyota 86 (205 hp) and Golf GTI (220 hp), the MX-5 delicate best out-hustles the two games vehicles to 60 mph (the MX-5 RF ties the GTI). In a straight-line challenge against the Type R and Camaro 1LE, in any case, the MX-5 doesn't get an opportunity – the two vehicles float around the 5.0-second to 60 mph imprint.

Reasonableness is likewise a factor, and the Miata's smaller scale lodge and freight hold are effectively the most secure quarters for travelers and their gear. Where no different games vehicle can coordinate the MX-5, however, is its eco-friendliness (it returns somewhere in the range of one and four mpg superior to the previously mentioned opponents) and mobility (have a go at leaving that Camaro in a city).

Genuine feelings of serenity

Mazda's new vehicle guarantee covers three years or 36,000 miles and the powertrain guarantee endures five years or 60,000 miles. Also, every new Mazda is qualified for a three-year, 36,000-mile roadside help program.


Despite the fact that this is actually a survey of the RF form MX-5, on the off chance that it were our cash on hold, we'd stay with the less expensive, lighter ragtop. The presentation of the GT-S bundle for 2019 enables us to fabricate a MX-5 with all the security and accommodation treats of the Grand Touring model, while holding the go-quick bits of the Club trim. Decked out in Ceramic Metallic with the standard manual gearbox, our optimal MX-5 would set us back $32,225 (counting goal).

Conciliatory SPLENDOR

Owning a vehicle fabricated only for no particular reason is an extravagance few can appreciate. One could contend the Miata is every day drivable (I did), yet the minute you need anything looking like reasonableness, you'll be exchanging up to a bigger vehicle. To various degrees, all of the MX-5's opponents is all the more obliging, which makes it difficult to recommend the MX-5 to each lover.

In any case, those with the adaptability of a second vehicle or a moderate way of life just won't locate a more reliably captivating driving knowledge than that of the MX-5. Each corner is a challenge, each rigging change a joy, and each keep running up to redline a rush. Life has few ensures: demise, charges, and an awesome drive in charge of a Miata.

Would it be advisable for you to GET ONE?

In excess of anyone's imagination, we cherished each moment in the driver's seat of the 2019 Mazda MX-5 — thus will you.

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